My Personal Boudoir Story

September 24, 2022

My first boudoir photoshoot was actually IN FRONT of the camera at the age of 46! The experience was such a boost to my self esteem! I felt beautiful and truly SEEN. I knew it was my calling to help other women feel like I felt. Later that year, I started photographing my own boudoir clients and taking boudoir-specific classes and workshops (including the one where I modeled for one of my mentors in the image above). The rest is history! Now boudoir sessions are 90% of the work that I do.

Because I want to continue to “walk the talk” as a boudoir photographer, it’s important for me to continue to step out of my own comfort zone from time to time and get in front of the camera myself. As I am getting closer to another big milestone birthday in a couple of years, it’s time to think about scheduling another boudoir session just for ME. I need a fresh reminder of what my clients experience . . . from the anxiety and self-doubt before the session to the euphoria afterward . . . so I can be the best coach and cheerleader with those will be at their most vulnerable with me. I think 2023 is the year I’ll book my own session again.

In the meantime, I pushed myself to get in front of the camera this fall for updated branding photos with a local photographer who always manages to make me look amazing! Although I dread being on the other side of the lens, I know I can relax with her because I am in good hands. She gives me lots of feedback and encouragement. Doing new branding images every couple of years definitely keeps me thinking about ways to improve my own rapport with clients at the studio!

BOUDOIR IMAGE BY: Natalia Kita on location in Las Vegas, Nevada

BRANDING IMAGES BY: Christy Steadman

MAKEUP BY: Ren Allen

HAIR STYLNG BY: Shonda Westbrook