Client Experience

What can you expect when you select our studio for your photography session?

The Pre-Session Consultation

We start with the question “How do YOU want to be photographed?” We discuss that at length and based on your vision, we come up with a wardrobe and styling plan. Then we select locations and create a timeline for your photo shoot. Custom photography is our main focus, so having a game plan in advance helps you relax and enjoy the day of your photo shoot.

The Session Experience

If your session includes styling, we usually have you arrive at the studio an hour or two before the photo shoot. We work with several hair and makeup stylists and most travel to us and do your styling on site. We often start with some breathing exercises to help you shake off any anxiety you may have. We know that “deer in the headlights” feeling of being in front the camera can be intimidating for most people. We try to make the experience fun, relaxing, and empowering for all of our clients. We keep extra staff on set to a minimum (if any) and allow plenty of time for you to warm up and feel comfortable. Don’t worry about having to know what to do or how to pose.  We’ll guide you every step of the way!

After Your Photo Shoot

You’re a VIP when you’re with us, so your portrait experience culminates in your in-studio image reveal and ordering session. You’re going feel like a pretty big deal.  And to us, you are. You’ll be treated to a video slideshow of your session and then have the opportunity to compare your images side by side until you have them narrowed down to your favorites. We’ll show you all of the options for printing your images and you can select the perfect way to display and preserve them. Our custom designed and printed products usually take a few weeks for delivery after your ordering appointment. We promise it will be worth the wait!!

Are you ready to start planning your dream photo shoot?  Contact us today and let’s get started!