Boudoir Sessions

Boudoir photography is a beautiful, intimate gift that many women today want to give their partners. It is also a way for women to celebrate their own bodies and sexuality in a safe, supportive environment. Women want to feel attractive and desirable at any age. Our boudoir photography experience can help you discover or rediscover the sexy goddess inside you. Many of our clients tell us they experience a transformation in the way they see themselves after their sessions.


Trust and Comfort Level  Our clients’ number one comment after their sessions is how comfortable they felt. It can be a bit unnerving standing in your underwear in front of a total stranger! That’s why we get to know you in advance through our pre-session consultation. In order to be vulnerable with us, you need to trust that we are going to take good care of you during your photo shoot. We believe that good communication about your expectations and ours in advance builds that trust that helps you relax and feel confident the day of your photo shoot.

The “Supermodel” Experience  The second most popular comment from clients is how they couldn’t believe it was really them in the images! Every woman has the potential to look her most ravishing with the right combination of wardrobe, styling, lighting, posing and coaching. Think of your favorite model or celebrity. They have a team of people to help them look gorgeous when they have a photo shoot. Now you have the same advantage. The styling and wardrobe helps your confidence shine through before the photo shoot even begins! Then, your photographer takes everything to the next level with coaching and encouragement throughout your session. You’ll have a great time and you’ll leave feeling like a different person . . . . a little more confident, sexier, and more beautiful than before your session. When you see your images, you’ll have proof of just how gorgeous you were that day.

Professional Training  There is more to boudoir photography than just snapping photos of someone in their underwear. SO much more. Boudoir photography is a passion of ours, so we spend a lot of time learning from the best educators in this field every chance we get. We’ve been doing boudoir photography since 2010, so we’ve learned a thing or two about how to light, pose, dress, and coach women.

Studio and Location Options  We will gladly travel to your home or other location for your photo shoot, but if that is not an option, we have our private studio with multiple sets available for your session.



Pre-Session consultation
Professional hair/makeup styling
3 - 3 1/2 hour photo shoot
Unlimited outfits as time allows
In-Studio Image Reveal
$750 Session Fee
Images sold separately

the bombshell

Pre-session consultation
Professional hair/makeup styling
2 - 2 1/2 hour photo shoot
Up to 4 outfit changes
In-Studio Image Reveal
$450 Session Fee
Images sold separately

the flirt

Pre-session consultation
Professional hair/makeup styling
90 minute photo shoot
Two outfits
In-Studio Image Reveal
$350 Session Fee
Images sold separately

the tease

Pre-Session consultation
Professional makeup styling only
45 minute photo shoot  
One outfit
In-Studio Image Reveal
$250 Session Fee
Images sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide the outfits?

A.  You will feel more comfortable wearing garments that fit you well, so you should plan to bring your own outfits. We do have some items in our studio wardrobe that we can add to your own pieces to complete an outfit if necessary. We will send you our Lingerie Guide before your session to help you put together the perfect looks based on your style, body type, age, and coloring.

Q.  Where do boudoir photo shoots take place?

A.  We can do your session in our private studio or at the location of your choice in the Tri-Cities area.  If a hotel or other venue is to be used, that is an additional expense. We area also available for travel for an additional fee.  

Q. Does the session fee include images?

A. The session fee covers the pre-session consultation, styling, photo shoot, and your image reveal/ordering appointment. Images are sold separately. Most clients choose to do a book of their favorite images.

Q. Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?

A. Boudoir sessions are normally done starting at 9:00 a.m. on weekdays. We have a few weekend dates available from time to time and those generally book several months in advance.

Q. Do you photograph couples' boudoir?

A. Yes! Ask us for more details.

Q. I don't know how to pose or look sexy. Can you help?

A. No worries! You've got this! We will demonstrate poses and coach you for sexy body language and expressions. By the end of your shoot, you'll feel like a supermodel!

Q. I'm really nervous. Can I bring a friend?

A. Most clients are more comfortable without extra people on set. However, if you let us know in advance, ladies may bring one female support person.

Q. Will my pictures be on your website?

A. Only if you give permission for them to be used. Otherwise your images remain private.